Lil August was born in Greenwich, CT to mother Teresa, an interior decorator, and father Hank, the CIO of a major securities company in NYC. Lil August enjoyed an extremely privileged upbringing. He had all the best toys, went to elite sleep-away camps, studied cello, viola, and classical piano, and was on the little league all-star team every summer. He would go off to Hotchkiss boarding school at age 14 where he immediately excelled in Chemistry, Botany, and Sociology. Stellar grades, a tenor singing voice, and an all-American shortstop in baseball earned August a full ride to Harvard. While there, he busied himself in the lab on most weekends looking for a way to replicate the regressive genes found in field mice in order to measure hearing levels against chipmunks of similar proportion. August’s findings astonished his professors, and he was awarded a summer fellowship in Rangoon trapping frog droppings and testing them for a rare pancreatic infection that causes blindness. August politely thanked them for their generous offer, and instead decided to become the biggest rap star in the known solar system. One.