Liquid Juice is the producer and ultimate backbone to Crunchy White. The close positioning of his tiny claws naturally gave him a physical advantage in beat juggling as a DJ, allowing him to win many DMC championships before and after the birth of Jesus Christ. Though tiny in stature he possesses a booming and intimidating voice that is slow and robotic sounding in nature. It’s the same voice that inspired DJ Screw to pioneer screw music in Houston in the early 90’s, slowing the speed of his records on mixtapes to match the voice of Liquid Juice he once heard in a rare BBC interview.

With Big Pickelz as his muse, Juice steers the group’s songwriting into its polished form, With Big Pickelz as his enforcer, he’s the final say-so concerning the group’s career and usually waits until the group’s bickering has reached full volume before delivering his final solution or decision.

Although it would be a long time before Juice would work with Big Pickelz, they had both grown up in the same neighborhood together in prehistoric times, often finding themselves at the same events before the music industry’s ice age and the meteor blast that would rob his sense of hearing. While publicly thought to be extinct, Juice had been feeling an urge to re-enter the public sphere once the southern rap game had stumbled upon emulating the crunchy sound of the pre-historic era, a sound that he and Pickelz had been products of. He felt a need to reclaim a sound they had known for millions of years, the sound one heard when the bones of DJ’s and MC’s were being crushed in their very jaws –

a sound known as “Crunchy.” The addition of the “White” being a reminder of the bleak ice age of hardship that followed, as well as the sound the snow made as one marched onto survival. (Not to mention put together the shape of cheap cocaine rocks.)

In order to form a pop sensation he knew he would need a ‘star”, a “gangster”, and some “rhythm and bullshit”, better known as R&B. Enter the talent roster of Lil August, Young Lil, and Indian Summer…