Young Lil is by far the angriest of the group and probably the most overtly sexual in his lyrical content that borders on perversion, if the content isn’t already drug related. He is constantly driving vehicles directly into houses, restaurants and clubs not because he is under the influence, though typically the case, but more so because he is lazy, doesn’t feel like finding a parking spot, and can cover the damages by throwing a wad of cash into the face of the first complainer as he walks away. The only virtues he has to speak of are jealousy and impatience, which in the cut throat world of the music industry can actually be considered motivating and ambitious merits. At recording sessions he always comes prepared, hungry to get on the mic and start screaming. He serves as the literal anchor to most crunchy songs due to him being the only one to care about sticking to the premise of the chorus. Out of all the members of the group he probably has the best work ethic, but that’s probably because he does the most narcotics out of all of them, keeping him in a ferociously paranoid state of focus. He takes the group immensely seriously and would take a bullet for each and every member, yet he’d be the first to pull the trigger on them himself. His first shot would most likely be aimed at Lil August, whose immense fame of child-like and care-free stupidity he sees as undeserved and incessantly irritating. When women sleep with Young Lil they usually catch one of two things: his babies or rabies.